"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen".@

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in Brooklyn, New York


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I'm Yana Jacobson, your neighborhood dog trainer and dog sitter  

As an experienced dog trainer I've been able to get along with all types of dogs. Whether they are big or small, young or old, funny or grumpy, active or laid back, we always enjoy our time together. I practice science-based, positive reinforcement training and teach you how to communicate with your dog without physical corrections of any kind like pinning, poking, grabbing or hitting. I do NOT use choke collars, pronged/spike collars or electric collars.

While boarding I do my best to make your doggy feel at home. I am devoted to keeping your furry friend healthy, safe and happy!


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Happy Clients


Yana is amazing! In two sessions my dog went from being terrified and barking at scooters and skateboards to calmly running alongside them! I never thought I’d see the day that he had so much confidence in the park. I’m excited to see his confidence continue to grow with additional sessions so he no longer is so fearful.

Marissa T.

Yana has such a natural ease and experienced hand with my new pit-bull puppy Canella that it has instantly improved my relationship with my new puppy. Canella now sits on command and knows "leave it" and has begun to stop nipping as well as beginning to understand the basics of where to go potty. I had a friend over who was incredibly impressed with how well Canella's training was going at such a young age. I love the entirely positive reinforcement methods that Yana has begun teaching me as it has made Canella and I so much happier together, which was clearly noticeable after my first session with Yana. I intend on continuing all puppy training that Yana has to offer as well as calling her whenever I have a long day at work or am going out of town as she does such a terrific and loving job of taking care of Canella... Thank you sooo much Yana!

Jordan B.

"Yana is THE BEST dog sitter! She's kept our Havanese puppy, Baker, 3 times now and he loves her! She's wonderful at working on training with him while he stays with her and he always comes back with new tricks and top notch doggie behavior! We will definitely use Yana for all future dog sitting needs and recommend her to anyone else who wants a great sitter!"

Kaeleigh G.

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